Natural Remedies For Acne – The Herbal Facial Scrub

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When I was a teenager, I loved experimenting with beauty aids. Soaps, shampoos, makeup, the latest products all jostled for my attention – and my money. But thanks to a little herb store in a small shopping mall in town, I started playing with natural remedies. I think of this as one of the big eye openers for me. It was more fun than buying the latest product, and I was learning something my friends didn’t know yet! Gaining an early understanding of how herbs can heal and restore just as well as, or often better than, the things in shiny bright packaging on television, can give teens a great start to a healthier future for them and for our planet. So here’s a wonderful herbal facial scrub that acts as a natural remedy for acne.

Take 1/4 cup of oatmeal and 1 tablespoon each of dried rosemary, lavender, and thyme. I’m a coffee grinder that you’ve reserved just for herb grinding, ground the herbs into a fine powder. Place them into a glass container that has a tight-fitting lid and add 5 drops of lemon tea tree essential oil. Mix well and close tightly. To use, take 1 teaspoon of the mixture and blend with a little aloe vera juice or rose water. Scrub the skin gently then rinse.

This natural remedy for acne is not only free of chemicals, it’s fun to try. You never know – by sharing this recipe with your teen, you may be helping start a lifetime love for herbs! If nothing else, it will help give a teen a good start into a chemical-free health and beauty regimen.

Using Facial Scrub for Comedones Treatment

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Blocked pores are the main reason of skin blemishes formation. That is why keeping pores clean and healthy is important step of skin care program aiming less breakouts and inflammation appearance. In order to unclog pores blocked with dry cells and sebum, one should develop a proper skin care routine.

Comedones (also called clogged pores) are non-inflamed acne form but they can turn into inflamed pimples if bacteria penetrates into the pore. There are two main types of comedones: blackheads (or open comedones with dark pigmented head) and whiteheads (closed comedones). They all form when the hair follicle becomes clogged with dry and dead skin cells combined with excessive oil produced by sebaceous gland.

To get rid of blackheads and whiteheads exfoliating products such as exfoliating scrubs and masks are widely used. These products help to speed up cells renewal and prevent them from trapping into the pore and also help to remove excessive sebum from the pores. This contributes greatly in keeping skin clean and radiant.

However, despite the fact that facial scrubs are very helpful for non-inflamed blackheads and whiteheads treatment, they are not recommended for use in inflammatory cases of acne. If the inflammation of comedones happens, using abrasive scrubs may lead to more skin irritation as well as spreading the bacteria to the rest of non-inflamed acne.

High quality scrub with tiny and gentle exfoliating granules is the best choice for blackheads treatment. Despite the fact that scrubs with big abrasive particles seem to be more effective, they can be too harsh and cause skin injuring. Another important rule is to choose products designed for your skin type and never use body scrubs for facial exfoliation.

Before using any scrub or exfoliating mask, do the patch test first to make sure it doesn’t cause allergic reaction and is gentle enough. Then wash your face with facial cleanser and apply the scrub on the wet skin. Rub it with a circular motions for about 1 minute and rinse with warm water. Then wash up with cold water to close the pores. Use the scrub one or twice a week and avoid over-exfoliation because it may cause skin irritation, make it more oily and sensitive.


Best 2 Homemade Facial Scrubs

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It is true that the sebum (oil) produced by the pituitary glands is one of the main causes of acne. Facial scrub is one of the most effective ways of removing the excess oil in the face. However, it is also a fact that being treated of facial scrub in clinics would take you some money. And nowadays wherein you what we have is sometimes not even enough for what we need, we call for some ways that would not cost us too much but would give a result like you have a treatment from experts.

In this case, what you have around you are exactly what could help you. Here are some easy remedies of good facial scrubs.

Before you have your facial scrub treatment, it would be better if you have your face steamed. This is very necessary for your pores to be open because you would clean it trough the scrub. You don’t have to buy a face steamer. Just boil a kettle of water. Transfer it into a small container. Get a towel and cover your face before you put your face a little above the hot water. Do this for 5-10 minutes or even until the water is hot. Also, take note that you need to do the scrubbing in a circular motion.

1. Oatmeal. Oatmeal is good to be combined with some apple vinegar. For a natural smell, you could add some rose oil. Apply this on your face very gently. Leave it for about 30 minutes then massage for about 15 minutes. Rinse it with normal water.

2. Tomatoes. Blend about three to four small tomatoes. Be sure that you have washed the tomatoes before you blend them. Mix it with 4tbps. of brown sugar. Just like the previous procedure, let it be on your face for about 30 minutes and massage for 15 minutes.